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We connect local, progressive campaigns with the web, tech, data and design professionals willing to volunteer their skills to support them.

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You’ve already taken the first step by coming here. Our mission is for you to use passions and skills to strengthen progressive movements and make activism your new favorite hobby. We evaluate your interests, your skills and your availability to connect you with campaigns in need.

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How This Works

Take a look at how volunteers and campaigns can use Pitch In to connect.

Why Pitch In?

We know it’s critically important to elect more Democrats and progressive leaders on the local level. But it’s often those small, local races that have the hardest time getting off the ground. We believe that a lot of the resources and help our candidates need to win can be provided on a volunteer basis from skilled people ready to donate their time.

The beauty of this system is that geography isn’t important. We believe that voter contact is most effective within communities. But web design and outreach, data modeling and targeting can be done by anyone with the skills, anywhere they are.

Free up your campaign to do the hard and important work on the ground. We’ll help you connect with tech do-gooders to do the rest.

Who are we?

We are a group of friends, progressive organizers and start-up techies passionate about making activism accessible for everyone.

Christopher Garretty

A native of Redondo Beach, CA, Chris worked in San Francisco politics for several years, successfully managing citywide organizing efforts in a heavily contested citywide race before joining Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in New Hampshire, Maine and Wisconsin.

Will Ockelmann-Wagner

Also born in Redondo Beach, Will served on the board of the San Francisco Young Democrats and managed the web presence of a San Francisco school board candidate. He now lives in Los Angeles where he works as a software engineer at a consulting company. A veteran of tech start ups, Will’s seasoned portfolio of work includes an Amazon Echo app that solely produced facts about sloths.

Laura O’Neill

A born and raised progressive organizer and Granite Stater, Laura moved to Washington, D.C. to work for U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen before joining Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2015. After two years of criss-crossing America in New Hampshire, Maine and Wisconsin, Laura returns to the Live Free or Die state to work for Democrats in the New Hampshire legislature.

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Use Pitch In to help your next campaign

“We had to translate our website to Spanish, so that our voters could find the information they need. It was important, but other priorities kept taking up my time. Pitch In stepped up and found Ben, and organizer with some tech knowledge, to help up with the task. We got it set up very quickly, and now Spanish language voters have access to our campaign. I recommend Pitch In for any campaign manager who isn't able to get to all those important items on their to-do list.”
—Maceo Torres-Trujillo, Campaign Manager